Litchi newbie - keep gimbal heading straight ahead

Setting waypoints in Mission Hub. How do I remove any compass or POI adjustment to the gimbal? I want the drone to fly down a winding path and keep the gimbal pointed straight ahead, drifting left and right with the path of the drone.

I would like the gimbal ‘Heading’ to be relative to the drone, not the compass.

Confession… I am using Mission Hub but have not flown a mission yet. But according to the icons, it looks like all the heading adjustments are reference to compass bearing.

I do see that the User Guide says: “Heading Mode - Waypoint Defined (“Custom” on iOS) also means that the aircraft will smoothly transition from one waypoint’s heading to the next.”

I have not used the mission flying app yet so I don’t know what the settings screen on that will look like. If I use “Custom”, it will override whatever is in the waypoint Heading setting in Mission Hub?

Thanks! Very excited to actually fly a mission but sitting in bad weather at the moment…

The gimbal yaw will always follow the drone yaw regardless of any mission/waypoint settings.
If you want to disable gimbal pitch control, make sure each waypoint has its gimbal control set to disabled

Newbie to Litchie and also new to this forum, I don’t
know how to post in the right place (sorry). My litchi app on my Iphone 13 for mavic mini suddenly and for no reason, flipped, it is upside down, cannot figure out how to reverse it. I had turned off phone and controls and started again several times, no luck, what can I do? Marcelo