Litchi New User -- Mini-2

I just bought and installed Litchi, and I’m having trouble sorting out how to get started. Waypoints are the main reason I got Litchi.

I watched the Phantom Filmschool sample course, which was a great overview, but didn’t point to the specific questions that I have. Same with the User Guide.

I was able to link everything together without trouble, Litchi-RC-AC. I’m using Android.

I went to the waypoint section, but I’m stuck on a question about the homepoint.

I want to plan a mission that starts from the usual homepoint that I use, which is about 50 feet off of my back deck. When I opened the Waypoints section in the app, it showed the homepoint as my position at that time…which was in my recliner in my living room. Which is not where the mission is actually going to start! And it seems there’s no way to change that homepoint?

I think I’m missing something basic. From the point where I turn everything on…app, RC,AC…sitting in my recliner, what’s a step-by-step process for creating a simple Waypoint mission with a starting point, and 2 way points? Assume I’m very familiar with the drone and not at all with Litchi.

Thanks for any help that you can provide.


The first waypoint (WP1) you create will always be the startingpoint of a mission (unless you choose another waypoint at startup).
In Waypoint Mode you can take-off an fly manually to a safe point, then activate the mission. The drone will then first fly to WP1 then consecutive waypoints.
In Mission Settings, set Finish Action to ‘Back to 1’.
You can now take over manually again and land your drone.

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