Litchi mission video not stored on SD ca4d

My friend and I both have Air2S drones. He uses Litchi on Android tablet and I use Litchi on iPad Mini. We have have up to date firmware on the drones.

Yesterday, we flew several 4 minute missions at different places.

Today we both removed the SD cards and connected them to our separate Windows PC’s.
Each of us got the Windows message that the cards needed to be formatted!

Of course, I knew this was wrong so I purchased recovery software and the video files were there. I haven’t checked my friend’s SD card yet, but I’m sure his will show up also.

Last year we ran many Litchi missions and all the video was intact.

What could be wrong now with two separate DJI drones with up to date DJI firmware? Is this a bug in Litchi or DJI?

How can I test this?emphasized text

Format the SD card while it is in the drone and run the test again.