Litchi mission stops for 2 minutes at waypoint

At this point, I havent seen anything in the mission or waypoint settings that would cause it to stop for 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

I disagree, he is thinking like me. :grinning:

I think your on to some of the problems, I think It needs to recreated from scratch
I will do it.
I like facts, I see nothing from the OP, I asked have you ran this mission before.
Until then I don’t care, now its hear say?


Crap this forum confuses me,
I guess this is to all.

@archer is talking about waypoint #2, I thought this about waypoint #1 (the first waypoint). I’m I missing something?


I have got simillar problem. On random waypoints (straign lines) my p4adv stops for 20-60seconds without any reason. I disabled all sensors. Today I flu 30km totally and on few points drone stops. Of course I do not set any action on those waypoints where drone stops. It’s no matter if those wypoints are one streight line (i have to add more waypoints, between start point and end because of distance- 3,5km) or on vertex. I do not fly twice same mission (no time), and cannot confirm that drone always beahve same. Could somenone help me?

Try flying same mission three times.
Does the drone stop at the same waypoints each time ?

I note your mention of disabling all sensors to maximize mission airspeed, which is common practice for those of us who fly drones at sufficient altitudes to clear all ground obstacles, but this got me wondering whether you assumed as I once did that disabled collision sensors need not be calibrated if they are de-selected, since the calibration process can be quite tedious and time-consuming.

If you made the same mistake that I did of disregarding those pesky sensor calibration alerts, then I can say with near certainty that the uncommanded stops your drone is displaying during waypoint missions are all the consequence of neglecting to calibrate those collision and landing sensors due to an incorrect presumption that disabled sensors need not be calibrated.

In conclusion, therefore, I sayeth verily unto thee that a meticulous and exhaustive calibration of ALL collision and landing sensors is mandated by God himself, therefore woe betide any mortal who fails to obey that divine commandment that is carved in stone amid the swirling sands of time for all the honest world to behold.

In layman’s terminology, those uncommanded stops of your drone during waypoint missions will stop occurring once you stop disregarding those calibration reminders. God bless America.

I did not try more than once every single mission. If I need to I gona do this.

You have right I disregarding those info about calibration of sensors, because I’m not useing them.

I didn’t think that disabled sensors, despite the messages, could cause the drone to stop at a point. I will calibrate the sensors and let you know if the drone still stops.

Thank you for good idea.

BTW, I fly at 80m AGL

All collision and landing sensors MUST be calibrated even if they are turned off. I don’t know why this is the case, but after nearly losing my Mavic 1 Pro twice because I couldn’t be bothered to calibrate the sensors, I now take sensor calibration very seriously despite my never using those sensors.

Without more information all we can do is guess. If you want to know the actual reason for the stoppages, you will need to analyze your flight logs. This tool is very helpful. If you need help deciphering the results, post the resulting URL here once you’ve uploaded your logs to the viewer.

I have calibrated the vision system. Unfortunately, this even made the situation worse. Currently, every other waypoint the drone stops, doing absolutely nothing. Sometimes moving the aircraft backwards using the elevator stick speeds up the process of moving to the next waypoint. I turned on all the sensors and it didn’t change anything. I turned it off and still the same.

Previously, I didn’t pay attention to any litchi messages because the drone was flying correctly. I thought it was a lack of full compatibility between Litchi and DJI. Although the message about calibrating the vision sensors has disappeared, several messages are still displayed, the most common of which is “Drone is tilted. Please keep drone stationary and level before flight”. This message appears on the screen multiple times throughout the flight. Of course, the drone takes off from a flat surface, far from the metal things. A moment after the start, it happens that the gimball frame floats slightly and rotates in the roll axis. This happens very slowly, smoothly and at an angle of maximum 10 degrees.

Holy Mackerel I was not expecting to hear back that calibrating the vision sensors made the drone’s flight anomalies worse. That stop-and-go syndrome you described was exactly the same as the hesitancy I witnessed with my Mavic 1 Pro during waypoint missions before I finally calibrated all sensors, the GPS, IMU, and the camera.

The tilting error messages you are seeing are something I’ve never even heard of so there might be something else afoot. Hopefully, you remembered to calibrate the main camera, the IMU, the compass, and the GPS because you can’t go wrong going the whole hog calibrating all that can be calibrated. I’m following this thread to find out how this issue is eventually resolved

I did not calibrate any other sensor. I’m not 100% sure but there is only imu and compass to calibrate. What about GPS and camera calibration? Those calibration I could perform by Dji Go 4 and dji assistant. Am I right?

For now I’m trying to read flight logs. By Dji assistant 2 for phantom series I could get only .DAT file - not txt. I have to instal itunes to download CSV from litchi.

Yes this is correct. DJi Go 4 needs to be running for the camera, IMU, and compass calibration, while DJI Assistant 2 is needed for the omnidirectional sensor calibrations.

Note that there are TWO versions of DJI Assistant 2. There is the version simply named DJI Assistant 2 which works with the Phantom series and the Mavic 1 Pro, but if you have the Mavic 2 Pro you will require the DJI Assistant 2 for Mavic to carry out those sensor calibrations. This distinction between the two versions of the DJI Asistant 2 is not highlighted by DJI and I stumbled on it in the process of a trial and error attempt to calibrate the sensors of my Mavic 2 Pro

I would like to thank all people who helping me to solve my problem.

I’m useing “dji assistant 2 for phantom”. At monday at work I will do all other calibrations, but I 'm still not sure what is camera calibration and where to look it for?

Yesterday I perform all calibration, which is camera, IMU, compas and vission system, but this not solve the problem with drone. Than I refresh drone firmware and perform once again all calibrations without any luck.I performed after those firmware refresh and calibration 3 flights with 5 waypoints each. Drone stoped at waypoint only once, for around 3 seconds which do not mind to me. Still geting pop up information " drone is tillted…". Check video which showing tillting at horizon. I was aware of slight tillring of gimbal, but not so much. Normally I’m flying with -30degrees gimbal pitch angle - not -13degrees like now:

youtube video

Calibrating the camera should have taken care of the tilted horizon. It is baffling to hear about this in-flight hesitance problem remaining unchanged despite your having carried out all the calibrations required for DJI drones. Having seen this anomaly cured with collision sensor calibrations in the instance of my Mavic 1 Pro, I will stay tuned to find out how the issue is eventually resolved for your drone.

Looks like you have ‘gimbal mode’ set to ‘fpv’.
Set it to ‘yaw follow’.

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@Mad_Pup unfortuanetelly I do not have any more idea to solve this problem.

@Yordie Gimbal is in “yaw mode”.