Litchi Mission Hub Saved Waypoint Flight Names No Longer Show on Map Page as Headings

Right up until a week ago all waypoint missions I saved in Litchi Mission Hub would appear as I scrolled down through the file listing drop-down menu, while also appearing as a title along the top of the Mission Hub map page depicting the course of each waypoint flight path.

For the past couple of days, however, I have noticed that while the saved file names still appear in the Mission Hub menu listing, those file names no longer appear as titles along the top of the flight path map. The only title now showing on the flight path is the distance and duration numbers for the flight.

I thus got to wondering whether anyone might be aware of a Mission Hub option that allows the user to configure the title display on their Mission Hub map screens, so as to include the user-defined names of each flight as had been the default display until very recently. Standing by for any comments on this puzzle, with gratitude in advance.

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It appears that the Mission Name no longer shows, since the latest update was done to the Mission Hub. On the 2 Windows system that I checked. One using FireFox, one using Google Chrome.
Now, you have no way to confirm which mission you are flying.

Perhaps its an easy fix to make for the developers. I hope so.

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Those mission names have been key for my waypoint mission flights because I often fly the same exact course while making subtle changes in airspeed, altitude, and camera orientation.

Not being able to see my written reminders of which parameters changed in any particular flight is most inconvenient, so like you, I am hoping this absence of flight names is merely an oversight that will soon be corrected by Litchi’s code meisters.


As part of making the hub mobile friendly, we hide the title now which saves a lot of space on mobile. You can still view the title of the flight plan that’s open if you hover or tap on the distance/time label at the top where the title used to be


This is good news to learn that the waypoint mission title can still be seen by hovering the cursor along where the title used to appear at the page top. Thanks for this insight Vico. The Litchi team innovates while all others emulate.

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Why make the hub mobile friendly, when everyone uses the hub with their computer? I hate the fact that you have taken away the height above the ground in the overall view. You could quickly scan the mission and confirm that you had the waypoints the height above ground that you wanted, and now you have to click each waypoint to see. Really bad change in my opinion. If you REALLY want to make a worthwhile change, in the app, make it so you can swipe your finger to get rid of all data on the screen, and swipe it to bring it back, the same way DJI and even the cheapest toy drone programs do. I have asked for it for years and it seems like a REALLY easy thing to do. I’m thinking you don’t use your own program. There are SO many times that being able to see the screen unobstructed is essential. PLEASE do this!


The Hub now also serves as the Litchi Pilot planner, so it must be mobile friendly.
Also now that it is mobile friendly, I am sure many people will appreciate being able to access the Hub on their tablets or other mobile devices.

Would you prefer being able to have the height above ground displayed on the waypoint icon rather than the height above take off?

If a vote were possible on how the height above ground were to be expressed, I would prefer that height to be expressed as being above each consecutive waypoint, and NOT as a variable computed above the takeoff point.

My reason for this preference is so that the altitudes set at each waypoint to clear ground obstacles can be seen at a glance on the map. The height that the drone flies with reference to the takeoff point is of little interest to me while the height of the drone above each waypoint is absolutely critical information that I’d love to see displayed on the map as the default setting.


Please explain why it needs to be mobile friendly, when everyone else has always used computers on the Mission Hub to program flights, and the app to fly them? I agree with Mad_Pup that having the programmed height above ground is preferable, but I liked it with both. Having the the ability to swipe the screen to clear all OSD data in the app would be a far better use of programming time. It is LONG overdue…