Litchi Mission Hub Map Screen Constantly Swivels

Starting just a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that the map screen of my Litchi Mission Hub won’t stay still in a fixed orientation, but instead, the map screen rotates in a purely random fashion that invariably stops that movement with the north of the map pointing downwards, which is the opposite to the north facing up orientation that I prefer to see when checking through my newly created waypoint missions.

I went to the settings page for my iPad, and selected the option to stop screen auto-rotation, but when I reopened Litchi that distracting random rotation of the map continued. If anyone has any idea how to stop this random swiveling of the Litchi Mission Hub map page, I would be grateful if you could describe how to put a stop to the behavior. Thanks in advance.

Are you saying that the map itself rotates? or the entire display? Please post a video or screenshot of the issue, also be sure to specify iOS and browser version

Yes, it is just the map that rotates, while the on-screen icons remain in the same orientation. The map swivels about in a seemingly random manner that can be disorienting when I am trying to view the map in the usual north-is-up orientation.

The map rotation is similar to the way that the display of a tablet or phone rotates between portrait and landscape mode if such rotation is not de-selected in the smart device’s settings page. I will try and make a short video of it and find a way to post it here.