Litchi Mission hub and site very slow

Have been using Litchi for a while and performance on both Mission Hub and the forums has been fine but today both of the above have been “lagging” while other websites have been fine.
In mission hub if I load a Mission it tkes a few miutes to show and then if I try to save a mission the site just “hangs”.
Anyone else seeing this?

There’s something definitely adrift with the system. There’s no log in button. My missions are not to be seen and neither are other peoples missions worldwide.

Thanks for the reply Chris,
So it is not just a local problem for me then.
It takes a while for the missions to be saved - about 5 mins. But then it appears when I open it in the iOS app. The login button is erratic - sometimes shows up and sometimes not.
Hope it is just a temporary thing.

Yes very slow - Currently 1.30 - 2min to load a mission and if you save sometimes it works (2min), sometimes not : error file already exist…