Litchi Mission Conversion

Just curious guys but has anyone ever tried to convert a Litchi Waypoints mission to a DJI WayPoints mission or vice versa.

Will it work for the DJI Air 2S?

Does your Air 2S has waypoint capability in the DJI Fly app?
If so, it will probably work.

Yes it has. Have you a link to the conversion app.

The Air 2s does not natively support waypoints using DJI Fly*. However, the Air 2s is directly supported by Litchi so there is no reason to use my conversion utility for the Air 2s. Just use Litchi with the Air 2s directly.

Note: I am not running the latest version of DJI Fly, therefore, I cannot be certain that the latest version does not support waypoints for the Air 2s.

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