Litchi investment wasted?

I lost my DJI Mini 2 which I have flown with Litchi for a few years. Using a Galaxy A51 I had been able to use DJI Fly or Litchi without any problems. After receiving a replacement drone, I can connect and fly with DJI Fly, but Litchi will not give me a camera view. I reset the phone, reinstalled DJI Fly and Litchi, checked all permissions, tried two different controllers and three different cables. The controller can actuate the propellers and therefore is connected but the camera is not showing the FPV view and is reporting “Not Connected”. Help please. All versions are latest update.

What type of drone is the replacement drone?

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Same kind of drone, Mini 2

The reason I asked was because the Mini 2 SE is not supported. However, the Mini 2 is.

The only other common cause of not having a camera view on Android is when the DJI app is not “force stopped” before trying to use the Litchi app.

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Using Force Stop on DJI app has not changed this result. I can fly the drone with Litchi but not connected to camera. Litchi Reports: Warning Aircraft not connected to RC. This is happening with two different phones. Drone box sez: “DJI Mini 4k”

Well there’s your problem, it isn’t a mini 2 it’s the newly released DJI mini 4k which isn’t on any of the SDK’s so wont work with any third party software such as Litchi, and theirs no guarantee that it ever will

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Why does this have to be so complicated - it looks just like the original. What the heck is an SDK? I will look it up. So you are telling me I can only fly this drone with DJI Fly?
I appreciate you taking the time to help the helpless…

Does DJI have software to fly waypoints, follow, FPV etc?

An SDK is a software development kit, and is the software that is required by people such as Litchi to develop their software, but DJI don’t always add new drones to it, and when they do its normally about a year after the drone is launched on the retail market.

Yeah I know the mini 4K looks very similar to the original mini2, but their are subtle differences, it’s basically a mini 2 camera cobbled together with a mini2 SE (another drone that DJI haven’t added to an SDK) body.

Due to all of the above, the only software you can fly with is DJI Fly (I really feel for you)

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Thank you, Marten, I appreciate your time.

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It’s complicated because DJI makes many different types of “Mini” drones that all look similar but are different and you were not providing the information required to answer your question. Had you told us the correct type of drone you have in your first post, the answer could have been provided in the second post.

Here is a list of DJI drones including which ones are supported by 3rd party software:


Litchi was once a great software, now its time to go away and regroup. Saying in multiple posts they will have a fix and now it’s years, maybe hire actual programmers!

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The problem here is not down to litchi, it’s down to the fact that dji haven’t added the mini 4K to an SDK


Litchi is still a great app. In my opinion, DJI is at fault for causing such problems for developers. DJI releases a new model without providing a SDK (or one with such limits). Then, developers are put inside such a small box.

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Gentleman, Thanks to all of you for duking this out for my benefit. I get it, Litchi Good, DJI bad. I will go to that place in my backward where I occasionally petition the greater universe to cough up a phlegm ball of a miracle for me and put in a request on behalf of all those like me. “DJI Mini 4k SDK for all”!

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IF they do add it, based on things like the mini2 & mini3 its normally after about a year from retail launch, so this time next year, but bare in mind they haven’t added the Mini 2 SE to either of the SDK’s and that must have been launched a couple of years back…

I’m curious what the issue is that you are having with the Litchi software. I’ve been using it since 2017 and it seems pretty good to me. Are you experiencing a bug or waiting for a new feature?

I’ve communicated with the Litchi developers a number of times. Based on their responses to me and the software they provide, they appear to be actual developers to me.

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Good day, may I make a suggestion.

Please try: in Litchi settings. Do a total reset in the settings. It helped me with a different problem, the camera.

(My Mini 2 (refurbished) after linking) refused to take Photos.

All fixed after resetting Litchi


@Christi the OP is trying to fly an unsupported drone (mini4K) with Litchi

I also fly Mini 2, with Litchi, and have no issues with camera view. So, it should be possible, seems normal to me.