Litchi interface help required

I’ve had a few outings now with my drone and pre-planned litchi flight plans and I have more questions.

  1. Once recorded is there an option in the Litchi App to replay/download/delete the recorded video like there is in the DJI Fly App? If it’s there I can’t find it.
  2. My DJI Air 2S can record 4k and 5.2k but I don’t see these options in the settings…
  3. I’m told that Litchi has a screen record feature. Can anyone tell me where to find this option?

Thanks in Advance…

  1. No
  2. ??
  3. Only the iOS version of litchi
  1. Very disappointing!!!. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
  2. Extremely disappointing. :roll_eyes:

So,if i cant delete the vids and pix saved in the litchi app,what do i do when the phone’s memory is filled up and no more can be recorded ?? that means i couldnt take another pic with the phone’s camera,OR recieve another text message,the phone would be useless…Also that begs the question : if i cant replay the recorded video,why save it at all ??
I find it hard to believe a supported drone would not have all the video capabilities available to use…
hopefully these questions are answered more accurately…
have had the program for three months and havent used it yet,trying to learn what i can first but misleading answers can make that a lil more difficult.
thank you…

the video and photosare saved on your phone, they are saved on the micro sd in your drone

from the instructions posted by Litchi.
" Photo preview screenshots and video preview screenshots will be automatically taken by Litchi during flight, "
yet the instructions at that point dont say WHERE they are saved or how to access besides uploading them…also nothing on deleting…
this is third trip reading the whole manual,trying to fill in the blanks.

Caching photos & videos is only possible with the iOS version of litchi.
Those are low resolution files (720p or 1080p depending on the videolink system like lightbridge & occusync versions) of the wireless transmitted video signal.

The photo & video preview screenshots you are referring to as well, and as written they are just SCREENSHOTS (pictures).
Also it’s an Aircraft setting you can turn on or off. If on, these screenshots will be uploaded to Airdata together with the flightlog.

You can access them with the standard android photo viewer.

Here’s the COMPLETE text:
‘Sync Photo/Video Previews: Photo preview screenshots and video preview screenshots will be automatically taken by Litchi during flights. Using this setting, you can allow Litchi to automatically sync up to 4 or 10 photo/video previews per flight log to your Airdata UAV account. Android only.
Warning This setting may increase the data usage of the app significantly.’

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Your statements suggest that you are confusing the functions of the drone with the functions of your phone.

Your drone stores the photos and videos it takes on a microSD card in your drone. Your phone stores the photos and videos it takes on your phone’s solid state drive. You could fill the microSD card on your drone with photos and video and it will not affect your phone.

Litchi does not currently provide a way to view the contents of the microSD card on your drone from the Litchi app on your phone. DJI Fly (and Go) do provide that function. So, while being slightly awkward, you can switch apps to view the existing microSD card contents from your phone (using the DJI app).

It is also possible to cache low-resolution copies of photos and videos on your phone as they are taken with your drone. Those low-res copies are stored like any other photo or video on your phone and can be managed using your phone’s “Photo” app.


You need to tap the settings on the right side with the 3 horizontal bar.
It will bring up the video and photo settings.
Hope it helps.