Litchi has stopped working

Hello, I just bougth few day ago litchi app and seem to be working properly on my phone.

So today i bougth a new Tablet (Sannuo 10 inch Wifi Tablet)

Unfortunaly after Downloading and running Litchi app They keep crashing after Camera start to initialise.

How i can resolve this issue?

Tablet Specs

Sannuo 10inch Tab
android 11
4 Go Ram

Drone Specs

Phantom 3 4K

Thank you for any help

PS: DJI GO is not installed on tablet

Not a tablet I’ve heard, does it have Google play services installed

Of course it’s got a Google play installed and working. Still currently using some Android app

Edit: I downloaded Litchi form Google Play also

Was just asking as some of the android tablets such as huawei, don’t have it installed and therefore litchi wont work.

Did you grant all permissions when you installed it

Just checked it and all permission are active.

The appli start but when The camera apparear the app crash . No idea why
Install uninstall does not affect it. Checked tab update also nothing wrong