Litchi for Mavic 3 E

Will Litchi support the new Mavic 3 E drone? And more importantly, in the planning phase a type of intelligent oblique mission would be great…i.e. generating waypoints for photo capture with nadir, oblique left, oblique front, oblique right and oblique back in succession

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Litchi’s support of the M3E largely depends on DJI releasing the SDK V5 for the M3E. Because DJI’s latest SDK (V5) is an updated version of the currently used SDK (V4) and not backwards compatible, it will require companies who use it (like Litchi) to create a totally new app for those newly supported drones. This will required a longer development time from what we’ve seen in the past.

Also, I have read that the new DJI SDK V5 is Android only. I have seen nothing about an IOS version.

Will the inteligente oblique misión plan capability be implemented?

I am not familiar with that term and do not know what that is.

This type of mission can be done with DJI Pilot with the P1 camera on Matrice 300. The mission consists of a repetitive sequence of 5 waypoints where camera takes first a vertical shot then an oblique left (roll -45), then an oblique front shot (pitch -45), then an oblique right shot (roll 45), then an oblique back shot (pitch -135). This type of mission is ideal for 3d reconstruction of city landscape…