Litchi follow me mode with DJI Mini 2

Here is what I discovered today. I set the follow me at 3m height and 5m distance and was driving my car on flat ground. What I found was that as I picked up speed the drone gained alltitude( at least 5 to 10 meters). Any ideas as to why it does this?


If you had “Follow Terrain” set to “Disabled”, then your drone is the cullprit.

If you had “Follow Terrain” set to “Enabled”, then your phone and/or your drone is the cullprit.

You can check if it is your phone by taking notice of the “Altimeter” value displayed on screen. It’s the altitude your phone thinks it is at and used by Litchi to correct the altitude of the drone.

Thanks, I’ll have to check it out if altitude changes on flat ground when I speed up,

I like Litchi for most thing, but follow isn’t one. The DJI Active Track works better to me, seems to hold the subject better