Litchi flying and warranties

Whenever I bring up the subject of Litchi with a DJI Dealer they talk about warranties being voided if you use Litchi but is there anyway that Litchi use is recorded in the controller or a drone or on a recorded file?

I feel so safe and comfortable when I use Litchi.


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If they recommend using only DJI Fly, one has to wonder why they create the MSDK which enables 3rd party vendors to create alternative apps for DJI drones.

Litchi doesnt change anything in a drone. Any changes are done thru DJI Fly.


Yes the app used to fly is shown as part of the flight log, personally I stopped using the DJI care refresh ages ago and got insurance for my mini2 through a specialist insurance company called coverdrone here in the UK, and recently when I crashed my mini 2, they got me back up and running in a couple of weeks

Thank you Martin,
How/Where do you find the Log Screen that you showed?
I am using the DJI GO 4 App for both my Mavic 2 Pro and Inspire 2.
I can access the Flight Records from the App’s main screen but can’t see the detail that you have shown.
I have read about the .TXT or .Dat files in various discussions but is that you used and decoded?


Hi @JohnM , all my flight logs are uploaded to once they automatically upload at the end of a flight you can get all sorts of info out of them

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Using a 3rd party app doesn’t void your warranty. If it did why would DJI create an MSDK enabling the creation of 3rd party apps?

The DJI warranty would not cover a mishap if it were CAUSED by a 3rd party app. I’ve heard of plenty of mishaps but they are all caused by either pilot error or pilot misunderstanding of a function. I am not sure I have heard of an accident CAUSED by Litchi.

If you have lost a drone and want to submit a warranty claim, DJI will not accept a Litchi log file to determine the cause of a crash or flyaway.

DJI Care Refresh only requires a broken drone and no log files.

DJI Fly creates a flight log file in the DJI file structure of your flying device. Litchi creates a flight log file in the Litchi file structure of your flying device. The two log files are different. DJI’s contains much more information than Litchi’s.