Litchi Download for Windows 10

Hi Litchi forum… I am new here and I am looking for a waypoint programming tool for an oldish DJI Mavic Pro. I do believe Litchi does have the smarts to be able to do this with this. My question is, I want to do all the programming on my Windows 10 PC and then transfer it to my iPhone connected to my controller. But I can’t seem to find any mention of downloading Litchi for a Windows PC, only Apple & Android Phones… So before I pull the trigger on the purchase, can some let me know if I can do this. Thanks…

No need to download, it’s a web-based app called “Mission Hub”.
Open it in a web-browser.

Thanks TriBar, I looked at Mission Hub. Do you need a licence for it ? I clicked on Mission > New & nothing happens ?

I am trying to enter a Lat Long as a starting point. But even that doesn’t seem to be an option… Not sure if any of this is working.

I suggest you give this a read

Thanks Martin,
Didn’t realise you just needed to click on the screen to open the dialog box… All good thanks