Litchi doesn't run LG K10 (2017)

Hi, Litchi People.

After the upgrade/install of version 4.25.0-g I can’t operate my Mini SE on LG K10.
It works perfectly on my Lenovo M10 Tablet.
Before last upgrade, it was difficult, but still possible, run Litchi (via phone reboot, app termination, software (de)installation, miscellaneous black magic…), but now I see no way to success.
Nothing. Niente. Nada.
Keep in mind that I carefully follow all the instructions, with any conceivable variation. I think the problem is inside Android release (8.1.0, with all the updates installed).

I can imagine just one simple solution: buy another phone. But this option hurts me, since my LG is good for daily use.

Somebody may help me?

Thank you in advance.


The LG K10, lanched 2016-01, has a Quad-core snapdragon 410 and ‘only’ 1GB of RAM.

The Samsung Tab S2, launched 2015-09, has an Octa-core snapdragon 652 and 3GB of RAM.
Litchi v4.25.0 still works just fine on this tablet.

If your hardware is really the problem, you could contact Litchi-support and ask them to send you a download link for a previous version that worked on your phone.

After installing a previous version, make sure you Disable ‘auto update’ for Litchi in the Playstore app:

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Thank you!
May be a good idea to invest in a new phone.
I’m thinking about Samsung A52. What about it?