Litchi does not register RTH in AirData?

I flew my first Litchi missions today. Upon getting home I uploaded my flight logs to AirData and started to look through them.

As this was my first time using Litchi, I flew a 1st mission with the Fly app and then a manual mission with the Litchi app. Just to confirm that everything was working as expected.

Then I flew my 3 autonomous missions as designed in “Mission Hub”.

I follow the same procedure every time I fly, regardless of whether it is using the Fly app or the Litchi app. Namely, I take off and climb to a safe height. Then I hover in place for up to 10 seconds so that the drone (A DJI Air2S) can get it’s bearings and I can check that it is looking safe to fly. I also do this so the drone has a good understanding of where “Home” is.

When I inspected my first flight logs (using the Fly app) there was a clear record of where the RTH had been registered. On the mission flown using the Litchi app there was no sign in the logs of any RTH registration whatsoever.

Is it normal for Litchi to not register when it has set the RTH location?

With Litchi you can automate the syncing of logs directly to AirData so that manual uploading is not necessary.

The best practice is to allow your drone to acquire enough satellites to register your home point before taking off. Hovering will then not be necessary.

If you are asking if the drone does not set its home point when using Litchi, the answer is no, this is not normal. Your drone should always register its home point regardless of what app is being used to fly it.

In AirData, are you saying that you do not see an “H” on the map that represents your home point?

To see if (and when) your drone set its home point, you can:

  1. Sync your flight logs to AirData
  2. Display the flight in question in AirData
  3. Below the map, select “Download Original” (save the csv file to your computer)
  4. Upload the csv file to the DJI Flight Log Viewer. The viewer will show you exactly when the home point was recorded.

@wesbarris HI, and thanks for taking the time to reply. I fully realize that as a new user of Litchi I am a newbie and have alot to learn. Some of my questions will be posed from that perspective.

This is the log from the Fly app and clearly shows a RTH location as having been registered.

I guess I was looking for something comparable in the logs related to Litchi and was concerned that an RTH location was not being set.

It’s just my understanding of what is going on here, and what I should be on the lookout for re: issues.


PS. It looks like as a newbie to the forum my ability to post multiple screens is blocked. Hope you can make out these logs.

The Fly app data is at the top, Litchi data is underneath.

It appears as though you are using the AirData app on your phone. I use the AirData website on my home computer. The interfaces are slightly different. My instructions above were made assuming you were using the AirData web application on a computer (you may want to check that out).

In the AirData app, select “General → Overview”. If the map shows your flight with an “H” placemark icon, then that is the location of your recorded home point. If you have enabled speech in Litchi, you will also here it tell you when the home point has been recorded.

You are showing the “General → Notifications” page. The notifications may be slightly different when using Litchi vs Fly.

The AirData was collected and uploaded from the AirData app, but I always review it on a PC, these screenshots are from my desktop.

Ok. Same instructions. Select “General” on the left then “Overview” on the top. See if there is an “H” icon on the map.

Indeed it does :smiley: