Litchi DJI AIr2S Users...Update at your own peril, according to DJI Customer Support

There was a time when DJI would allow the users to downgrade their software. If anything goes wrong and your drone won’t work with an upgrade, DJI Customer Support literally said:

“With regard to your DJI Air 2S that you to do firmware downgrade, please be advised that downgrading is not supported on your drone. Please keep the current firmware version of your drone or upgrade if necessary.”

I suspect that this is because Remote ID (for the USA) is part of this latest firmware update. It will be mandatory (in the USA) at the end of 2023.

I thought of that as a reason but also I read where other users had to ‘request’ a downgrade before Remote ID came into being. This appears to have been in the works for a while. I can fully understand that DJI wants their drones to comply with US law. If that were the reason, it would have been nicer for them to have explained that. Instead I got a number of different reasons why including: you have a Mac, there are known problems, use a PC (rep didn’t know of latest release 11/4/2022 - I could refresh the firmware just fine), you’re probably not using the correct DJI Assistant, you aren’t using the software properly…

Again…thanks for the explanation. I hope I don’t sound like I’m shooting the messenger. I agree with you that the message should have been something like “sorry…but Remote ID is required so you can’t go back.”

I have always been a firm believer in the doctrine that recommends NOT trying to “fix” anything that “ain’t broke” .

I experienced getting locked out of Litchi recently when I “upgraded” the firmware because I was forced to do so when both Mavic Pro1 and my Mavic Pro1 Platinium simply would not take off without the forcibly imposed DJI firmware “upgrade”. Once the “upgrade” was installed, however, ONLY DJI Go4 worked, and Litchi was disabled completely for both drones.

Since I NEVER use DJI Go4 and ONLY use Litchi, I was absolutely livid at DJI’s sneaky way of preventing me from using Litchi. Using a combination of Drone Hacks, No Limit Drones, and DumlDore3 freeware, I was able to roll back those infernal “upgrades” and will NEVER fall for that sneaky little upgrade trap again. Litchi all the way for me, and I will keep a keen eye out for any further trickery of this sort going forward.

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