Litchi deleting my files when downloading

Hi my name is Gerard from Spain… I own a mavic AIR since 2018 … always using it with the DJI go App… but since 2 months ago I uograded my phone to a samsung galaxy S22 , And then I had to move on to litchi app (dji go doesnt works on s22) , I like very much litchi… the follow mode, the waypoints etc, but recently I had the following isue:

not always but very often when downloading a file it tooks a while (more than usual) and slowly downgrade the download speed… suddendly its stops downloading, and then the file I was downloading disapears… anyone else with the same issue? is possible to recover it? its very fustrating go far from home exclusively to take films and when you are back at home again… your app is deleting the files… its like I want to k*ll someone… xDD


It is not Litchi deleting your files, it is your crappy computer with limited ram memory.
Why don’t you take the video files directly from the drone SD card, direct to the computer.
It is a much faster method and more reliable.

in the litchi app on my S22 Ultra with 512Gb and 12Gb of ram…I select download files, and then is when it happens. 12gb is limted??

The ram file transfer speed and buffer memory is probably not fast enough from your phone.
Causes delays and lockups.

Use the sd card with an adaptor and plug it directly into your computer = much faster
file transfer speed.

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with my old note 20 ultra 5g with 512GB rom & 12Gb Ram never saw that kind of problems…

for sure I download the HD file

So you can edit them, the last place i want them is on my phone, especially if capturing JPEG & RAW, and as for 4K MP4 files

the question is, can I recover the deleted files??

There are special programs, for example easy recovery

I do not own a S22 Ultra so can’t comment on your initial problem.
Also I’m not convinced litchi is deleting files from your SD-card, unless you move them to your phone instead of copy them.

For archiving all your original files (photo & video) a cheap (second hand) computer with a SD-card reader and (external) (big) harddisc will do the job.

If you insist on editing on your phone it is recomended to buy a SD-card reader that fits directly in the USB-C port of your phone to copy the files (€13 to €20 on Amazon).

When you want to edit old (archived) footage, you can either:

  1. Connect your phone to the computer and copy the files to your phone.
  2. Connect a SD-card to the computer, copy the files to the SD-card, then copy the files from the SD-card to your phone.

As for your 2nd question, recovering deleted files from SD-card, Google ‘SD-card data recovery’ (for PC and/or Android).


I download the file DJI_880 (2,2Gb) from the drone to my s22, using the cloud icon with a down arrow on lichi app… when download stops, I press cancel, and try again… it download some more but stops again… I press cancel again… and when I research the file to retry download it… then the file has dissapeared. is exactly the way it is… I open the SD card and there is no file with name DJI_880… and the memory space is free exactly the size of file dji 880… 2.2Gb. is just like the erase button and download switches when the download crash… My opinion. it happens to me 3 times… the first time I belive that erase button could be pressed… the second time… I was blaming my self… and third was paying attention extremely… but file was erased too…

Like a already wrote: I don’t have a answer for that.
I can only advice you to go a different road by using a cardreader so this unfortunate disappearing of files won’t happen again.

I tried downloading a 3 GB videofile using a Galaxy S8 and got a average download speed of 2.4 MBps.
I canceled and restared the download 10 times without any problem.
Eventually after 30 min the download was complete.
Copying the same file using a cardreader took 90 sec.