Litchi compass calibration Error code 4038

Reinstalled iOS compass which successfully calibrated in the DJI GoFly app.

However, prior to my first Litchi flight when attempting to calibrate (after the newly installed compass) neither work and I get the error code 4038.

Grounded … in need of assistance.


Can you explain in more detail? As written, it doesn’t make sense to me.

Are you calibrating the drone’s compass?

Am trying to calibrate the compass in the Litchi (DJI M2) app.

First attempt was to delete and reinstall the compass on my iOS 11.

I was able to calibrate the compass in the DJI Go Fly compass successfully.

Following, I attempted to calibrate the compass in the Litchi app and was unsuccessful.

I am reluctant to fly with the Litchi app when the drones compass will not calibrate

The compass app in IOS has nothing to do with calibrating the compass in your drone.

When you attempt to calibrate the drone’s compass using Litchi, are you following the voice prompts about holding the drone parallel (then rotating) and then vertical with the nose pointed down (then rotating)? Does it give you a vocal warning that the calibration failed?

Are you doing the calibration at least six feet away from any metal? Are you wearing a watch on the arm used to hold the drone?

A compass calibration is rarely, if ever needed.

I have viewed YT videos showing reinstalling the iOS compass app to fix faulty RTH funtions.

When I attempt to calibrate the drones’ compass using Litchi I never get to the voice prompts and consequently don’t get to the point of holding/rotating the drone (like I currently can with the DJI GoFly app). No vocal warning that the calibration failed … just the error code.

No metal within 25 yards and no jewelry whatsoever.

It sounds like Litchi is not connected to your drone, if you arent getting any voice prompts. Do you still have the DJI Go Fly app running, when you launch the Litchi app? If so, Litchi will not connect to your drone.

No, all apps but the Litchi app are off.

The app is connectee: 11 satellites, 88% RC battery charge, 100% remote signal, 100% video and 25% drone battery charge

That shows how much you should trust things on YouTube. Your flying device has nothing to do with RTH and the compass has even less to do with RTH. They are not related.

The drone’s compass is used upon powering on your drone to initialize the IMU. You can check to see if your drone’s compass is calibrated by checking to see if the drone icon on the map points in the same direction as the actual drone. If it does, there is no need to calibrate.

Sam_G’s response is good. Are you getting any other voice prompts from Litchi. Follow his instructions.

Check the sound on your phone