Litchi automatically clears the cache

Hi just wanted to say about a week or two ago I updated to the new Litchi version. It fixed 2 issues I have been having ::

  1. when my drone comes back my home point keeps moving away. if i do a return to home. I had to intercept my drone or it would chase my home point off to nowhere. Now the home point stays put AND
  2. If you have a normal shut down of Litchi after a flight it looks like it clears out the cache. had issues with Litchi and my drone doing freezing just flying around and other issues on waypoints, was told by the moderator to clear the cache after each flight, now looks like it does, sometimes it does not if i for instance turn off the controller or drone first before exiting Litchi , so if u were clearing your cache manually, keep checking. till u figure out when it will clear and not.

To what cache are you referring? With Litchi you can cache photos or videos.

I’m conviced you had ‘Dynamic Homepoint’ enabled.