Litchi app will not work properly after new DJI Update (10-27-2022)

After getting a firmware update from DJI yesterday (Oct 27, 2022) the Litchi app won’t let me start the motors much less fly.

Mavic Air 2S
AC Firmware: 02.04.02320
Remote Firmware: 04.12.0060
Litchi App Version: 2.14.2
Flight Controller Version:

If I take-off with the DJI Fly app then turn on the Litchi app I can continuing flying with the Litchi app. A little too risky for me though.


Exactly same as above for me - Says (DJI error 108) when I try to start motors in Litchi.

Apparently DJI have released a new sdk that will work with the latest firmware

I just updated mine over the weekend as well and I’m getting the same thing. If it’s a new SDK it’s probably related to some of the new features available in CINE mode that have changed some of the commands that get sent to the Air2S. I have an RCPro and got my version of Litchi from the Amazon App store. Wonder how long this will take before it gets updated. Totally sucks to be dead in the water now with waypoint missions.

In a 24-hour time frame my Mini 2 will not connect with either my iPad or my S22. If I open the DJI Fly app both works perfectly. As far as I can tell the only device that had a update to the Litchi app was the S22 but that was a couple of days before the issue came up. And i have yet to find anything on YouTube let alone any help from Litchi.