Litchi app self deleting


My app deletes itself every now and then. (last month 7 - 8 times)
Sometimes not for days, but sometimes twice within a week.
I have to do a total reinstall and adjust my settings all over every time… very anoying.
The app is installed on a Samsung Galaxy note8 - updated to the latest version.
Any sugestions?

I asume with “My app” you mean Litchi?
and with “Note8 - updated to the latest version” you mean Litchi as well?

Litchi does not delete itself.

Possible causes:

  1. Malware on the device
  2. Not enough free memory
  3. Too much apps active in the background
  4. ???


  1. Check for malware with a virus scanner
    2a. Free up space by uninstalling unused apps
    2b. Clear Litchi’s Cache and/or Data
  2. Force Close all apps before starting Litchi

Thank you very much for your reply.

“I asume with “My app” you mean Litchi?”
Yes, my app means Litchi (v4.24.1-g) app.

Latest updates on both, Litchi and Note 8 (Android 9)

“Litchi does not delete itself.”
Sorry to say so, but Litchi is the ONLY app disapearing every now and then.

“1. Malware on the device” Checked no malware.
“2. Not enough free memory”. Free phone mem: 27 Gb. Free SD card mem: 30 Gb.
“3. Too much apps active in the background”. Never have any app running in the background.
“4. ???” That’s the one I’m looking for :wink: the Litchi app is gone every now and then, when I look on my phone in the morning…OMG gone again :-(((…but not every day…

Suggested solution:
“Check for malware with a virus scanner”. No malware/virus.
“2a. Free up space by uninstalling unused apps”. No unused apps.
“2b. Clear Litchi’s Cache and/or Data” Everything cleared.
" Force Close all apps before starting Litchi". I never use any app while flying and I always disable WiFi
Litchi always works fine while flying, but the disapearing is always when NOT flying.

If you need more information, please let me know.

Litchi does not delete itself. If it did, we would be hearing about it from others. There is something about your environment that is different from most others. Are you running any kind of “mobile device management” software?

Thank you for helping me also.
Sorry wesbarris, at my age (73) I am not so familiar in software. Also I am Dutch so its abit difficult to communicate in English. :wink:
Please can you tell me what you mean by this?
Do you have an example of a mobile device manager?

Hi Paul,

If you are unsure about what “mobile device management” software is then you must not be running anything like that. It was the only think I could think of that would be able to delete apps on its own. I wish I could help but I can’t think of anything else that would silently delete an app.

Thanks for help so far.
I hope someone can help me.
I have not had a “deleting” Litchi app the last 4 days, but that does not mean it will not do it any more.

So far so good.
App is still on my Samsung Galaxy note8.
Lets hope for the best. :grinning:

Update: today (juni 16) I woke up and the app was gone again.
Reinstall required… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: