Litchi app on Smart Controller

I have acquired a Smart Controller and would like to transfer my Litchi app, which I previously used on my phone, onto the Smart Controller.

I am already a Litchi customer, having purchased the App on the Google Play Store a couple of years ago.

How do I install the app on the Smart Controller without making another purchase on the controller through the Amazon store?

As long as you download from the same location using the same account and don’t change platforms, then there should be no problems and you won’t have to pay again. I have read that Amazon is a different license, but I am not sure.

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The issue is, as far as I understand, that in order to use it on the Smart Controller, I must change platforms?

However, I don’t feel that I should have to pay twice. Is there a solution?

If you have to change platforms then they force you to buy twice because they are completely different setups with extra time and expense involved.

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