Litchi App Menu Vanishes

Hello fellow Litchi devotees. This is my first post so I’ll get straight to the point. The Litchi App screen on my iPad has all of a sudden lost its menu that normally occupied the left side of the screen. This of course means I cannot retrieve any of the waypoint flight plans that I created on my desktop using the Litchi Mission Hub.

This is the first major problem I have encountered using Litchi, and it has me baffled. I have over 2,300 miles of fully autonomous waypoint flights logged over 131 hours recorded with the Airdata UAV website, all under Litchi control since I studiously avoid using DJI Go for any of my flights, and this is the first time I have been unable to launch my Phantom 3 Standard due to a Litchi problem.

I cannot thus far find my purchase details for Litchi, so I haven’t uninstalled Litchi and reinstalled it for fear of getting locked out. Any advice that can be offered as to how I can go about locating the Litchi App onscreen menu listing on my iPad, would be much appreciated Thanks in advance.

Well, I’ll be dipped. I just now tapped the FPV icon on my Litchi app screen’s top left-hand corner, and lo and behold the drop-down menu’s first entry was “Waypoint”. Tapped on that “Waypoint” menu option and the normal screen to which I have become accustomed appeared, complete with the “missing” menu.

Now I feel a tad dumb for having been baffled by this simple to resolve predicament, but I decided not to delete my initial post just in case anyone else runs across the same problem. It is odd that this “problem” appeared after 131 hours of Litchi flights, but now I know how to fix it, I had to share this story with other drone meisters. Now then, I’ve got a flight to launch.