Litchi app crashing DJI Smart Controller


Recently while flying a waypoint mission the Litchi app crashed on my Smart Controller. Thankfully I had just landed.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the Litchi app on the Smart Controller via the Amazon store but it keeps crashing.

Any tips or ideas?


I am experiencing the same issue with my DJI GL300K. I have uninstalled and reinstalled with same issue. Hopefully someone can help us.

That is strange - did you try to reset the device to factory settings?

Which version are you using downloaded from Amazon App store ?
4.21.3 version is only for Android > 9
For Smart controller has not been update till now. I asked directly to Litchi support and they told me to wait for few weeks the update for smart controller

Latest on Amazon is v4.21.2-a and works just fine on my Crystal Sky.

So I have gotten Litchi to stay up but for some reason the sensor’s reading are all over the place. If I’m facing an obstacle 15ft away it may unstably show 30ft-100ft away causing the distance alert not to response. I have a friend who is getting the same results. We both downloaded litchi from Amazon App Store. We have the phantom 4 pro+ v2.0.

The Phantom 4 Pro+ v2 is not compatible with Litchi:

The Phantom 4 Pro v2 is compatible and have been using Litchi on it since P4P+ v2.0 was released. I think you may be looking at the statement regarding the New DJI RC Pro Controller.

I didn’t state otherwise.

Update: I uninstalled / reinstalled Litchi again and gave my Smart Controller a thorough file cleanup. I deleted a bunch of old screen recordings, screen shots, etc.

On the ground, Litchi ran fine through a few start up and shut down cycles. I launched the drone and then ran one waypoint mission successfully. I will keep an eye on it, but it seems to be running more reliably now.

I installed Litchi on my Smart Controller today.
I started it up connected to Mini2 and for a few seconds the Litchi screen. appeared and all seemed to be ok. The the app crashed and its now locked in the on position but I cannot get out of it, it will not shut down . Has anyone else. experienced the same. just got to leave it till the battery runs down.