Litchi app crash: Follow mode with Mini 2

Hey there, I just purchased the app on iOS and my iPhone 12 Pro.
Because I can’t seem to find the option of starting the drone from within Litchi, I launch the drone using DJI fly app, I close the DJI app and open the Litchi app. It’s connected fine. I bought the app for the Follow Mode but each time I hit “start” in the mode, the app crashes. The other modes seem to du ction fine though, including follow me in focus mode.
I reinstalled the app, restarted my phone and the drone but it’s the same every time I hit start.

The RC is connected via cable to my phone.

What to do?

You start the drone in Litchi the same way you would when using DJI software. You use the CSC (Combination Stick Command) method of moving both sticks in (or out) and down to start the motors.

I use Litchi on iOS devices including an iPhone 13 Pro. I have not had it crash on me but it has been a while since I have used Follow Mode. When I get a chance I’ll give it a try.

Learned a new thing with the CSC method. I still have the app crashing as soon as I hit “start”

The crash when starting Follow mode is caused by a bug in version 2.15.5. It will be fixed in version 2.15.6 which will be released shortly.

Nice! Looking forward to giving it another try once released.

2.15.6 is now released!