Litchi app control buttons under phone holder - shring Litchi app phone screen

Litchi app control buttons under phone holder
please can You add settings to shring Litchi app phone screen? Or add black bars to both sides? I cant access buttons in app because icons are under phone holder. Newest phones has very tiny frame.
Drone: DJI Mavic Pro, phone Galaxy S22

Thank You

Phones are too small for drones.
Why don’t you buy yourself an Ipad ?

Well, the main reason is transport. When I go for a walk, I have a phone in my pocket and a drone in a small DJI case over my shoulder.

I travel a lot, I carry 2 CANON cameras and lenses, I don’t have room to carry a tablet when I carry a small laptop which I need for my work.

I wouldn’t use a tablet other than for a drone. IPAD is for me overpriced only for drone usage and incompatible with all my equipment :slight_smile: (windows computer, android phone, canon cameras …)

For my case is phone fully enough.

Can totally see where you’re coming from @artush , I do use a tablet (Tab 7 FE) for flying most of the time, however i also have Dronelink loaded on several android phones, what phone do you have, maybe a case of some sort for the phone will just give it enough padding around the edges to make access to the buttons easier

I use Galaxy S22 and Mavic Pro.
Today i order: Phone Mount For DJI Mavic …
I hope that it will be better.

In the most recent beta version the cogs to access the settings have been moved to the left slightly as has Done when in the settings menu. Hopefully this has fixed you issue. I had a similar issue with the new iPad Mini.

Hello, i am beta user, but i still have problem easy access controls.

What device are you using?

Hello, i use Galaxy S22. The application can be controlled, but it is not comfortable, the controls are very close to the holder. Maybe I don’t have experience yet :slight_smile:

Oh it’s one off of those controllers

The brackets you ordered will make a difference.
I use them with a Galaxy S9 Edge:

Thank You for info, it looks good.