Litchi and rtmp streams

Hey there

Ive got the problem with the samsung galaxy s10+ and the litchi app

I want to stream my hikings and sometimes i will fly…i start the litchi app and want to stream at home to my working rtmp server

Field turns red and livestreming begins…after a short time the rtmp feed finished…i can go back to the livestream option…press start but nothing appears…no live sign

I must restart the app and the rtmp feed start again…

Maybe its gone after 10 sec or 2 to 5 minutes…the rtmp stream ends abrupt…

Any solutions??

Samsung galaxy s10+. Dji mini 2

any help? or can get my money back?

Have you tried using another server such as twitch, youtube etc?

ive tried direct to twitch… over belabox… over another phone etc

same problems