Litchi and hacked Air 2S with DJI RC

Hello there,
i’ve been using a DJI RC with my Air 2S that has been hacked with drone hacks.
I bought Litchi and tried to use it but I can’t seem to make it connect.
As far as I see, there isn’t any special way to connect. Just open drone and RC N1 (leaving the RC turned off), and then connect the phone after a while, and open Litchi.

Should I do anything to make it connect?
The drone isn’t on the latest firmware due to the drone hacks firmware.

Do you force STOP the DJI Fly app before you open Litchi?

I don’t even have it installed, since I’ve been using the RC for quite some time, and didn’t need the app on the phone.

What other app have you been using to fly, if you dont have DJI Fly installed?
Did it connect and fly before you performed the firmware hack?

I’ve been flying with the DJI RC

Now that I bought Litchi I went back to my phone and the old RC N1 controller, but can’t get them to see the drone.

Sounds like they need to be paired again, since you changed controllers.
And you should verify the connection using DJI Fly.

What do the Aircraft Status LED Indicators tell you?

generally speaking 3rd party app are designed to be used with the most up to date firmware on the aircraft without any hacks in place