Litchi and data privacy

I don’t yet have a drone but am considering buying a Mini 2.

One of my reasons for potentially trying Litchi is privacy - I don’t like all that I’ve read about DJI’s supposed ‘privacy’ (or lack of).

Two questions:

a) Can Litchi be 100% used instead of any of DJI’s apps (Fly, Go 4, whatever)?

b) As Litchi is at least partly created with DJI’s SDK does that mean some of my privacy concerns with DJI are automatically going to be an issue with Litchi due to using the SDK to add DJI support?

No dji drone can be completely abandoned with dji software

What exactly are you worried about in terms of privacy?
Drone registration can be bypassed. Flight logs as well. Nfz is also configurable. But it all works for previous models. Very little is available to owners of mini2.

Data harvesting by DJI is my prime concern.

Airdata, and the mission hub in litchi doesn’t bother you in any way?

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I’ve haven’t delved into that just yet but will do so.

Edit: a quick read reveals that Airdata is optional, as is Mission Hub?

What “privacy” do you think that you are giving to DJI ?
And what do you think they are going to do with it ?
Paranoid much ?


That’s what i was thinking, wonder which browser they are accessing the internet with…

Well, yes. Mission Hub is optional. However, the Mission Hub is arguably the most import feature of Litchi.

Airdata is optional too. However, it is extremely useful for analyzing your flights.


Hello to all.

Dronz, you are right to want your privacy respected: it is a fundamental right that should not be discussed. This is even more important if your flight is around your home.

It is almost certain that the server administrators can see all the information you have given them.

I think the answers need to be quite thorough: are the thefts that were recorded on the cloud (the server) really deleted (when you delete them) … or is there an archive?

It is important to understand that Litchi has every interest (and this is NORMAL) in having as many recordings as possible to show to its users.

That said, it is also important to understand that the user may not want to communicate his private information to anyone in certain cases: for example, when he makes recordings around his home.

Translated with (free version)

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Can be used

  1. Old drones. Air or pro
  2. A program to activate the drone without a dji account.
  3. The program v21 from the Slovaks, an analogue of dji go4 in offline mode. With fcc unlocked.
  4. Firmware nfz and offline.
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If we’re talking about privacy, there is basically none when it comes to DJI.
If you don’t know yet, authorities can track you using DJI Aeroscope, know your precise current controller location, your full info, drone location, altitude, speed, homepoint, basically everything.
DJI can access your logs if needed for legal reasons.
Using Litchi doesn’t change almost anything, your drone still will be visible to aeroscope devices, DJI will still probably be able to access your logs.