Litch Circle Waypoint with Camera Facing Out

Hey Guys! I’ve created a circular waypoint mission using Google Earth but for this particular shot I don’t want the camera facing in at a point of interest inside the circle but rather facing out with no point of interest. It’s a town circle that’s going to be undergoing renovations over the next few months and I simply wanna fly the drone in a perfect circle with the camera facing outwards once a week for the next few months to get a hyperlapse of the transition of the storefronts etc that are on the outside of the circle. Seems simple but I’m not sure it is.

In other words get the drone to waypoint one. Set the pitch and camera angle and then let the drone just fly in the circle for two laps around. Any way to do this without having to create POI’s for every waypoint?

Thanks for any ideas you might have

Since the camera direction of each waypoint can be set with Litchi Mission Hub, then certainly you can have the drone fly a circle with the camera pointing outward rather than toward the center of the circular flight path. There isn’t a real need for the addition of POIs to accomplish this task.

The easiest and most accurate and fluid way is to use Orbit Mode.
You can save an Orbit just like a waypoint mission.

Just my thoughts…
Plan an orbit.
Save the CSV.
Edit the orbit CSV camera direction by adding and action to yaw the aircraft -180 at each waypoint then take the photo? YAW +180, fly to the next WP and repeat the yaw dance?

If that does not work.
A quick way to get coordinates for outward facing POI would be to create a mission with a larger radius than the traffic circle that you wish to fly. Export that mission to csv. Copy and paste those larger coordinates as the POI coordinates in the original smaller Orbit mission. I am not sure how the interpolation algorythm works during a mission. With a little tweaking this might work. (I was also looking at flights with many POIs and wasn’t sure how to create many quickly. I have not tested this myself yet.) @Gabriel_Dillon-Bowma


Use Namirda’s Virtual Litchi Mission (the desktop program).
Set your POI, then use the Helix Mission around that POI.
Here is an example for the setup:

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Is this the same bit of code?
Is the spiral or circular mission a paid feature?


I think the mission has to be designed in Excel first?
See this thread:


No, its built into the program.

No, its created totally in the VLM program.
Here is the mission created by the Setup screen that I posted.

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