Lichi vue stutter lag

I have just set up Litchi on both my android phones. A Samsung s8 dedicated to my drone Mini 2 as screen.
and the recieving phone is a Samsung s20, connected to the s20 is a pair of Nreal light glasses, these are supposed to work as a big screen fpv.
Setup was a breeze and i got a nice picture on all 3 devices, tried to set to bitrate 2,0 and 3,5 but in both cases i get lag or stuttering, the picture freezes shortly every 2 seconds, i did my best to search the forum for any related topics,
but it seems im lonely in my trouble, wich is a good thing, it tells me that the problem is at my end, and allthough im the only one with this setup and problems, im hoping that some tech savy genious among you all can help find a solution or have a suggestion to what may cause the problem.