License on multiple controllers

I have had Litchi on my Android phone for the past year or two. I recently bought a DJi Smart Controller for my Mavic Air 2S and
I want to install Litchi on it as well. Do I have to pay again for another license or is there some way to “know” that I have already bought it once?

Hi Richard,
I’ve just purchased the Litchi app and have succesfully installed it on my Samsung S10, S20 and Amazon Fire 7" tab . I think the license is per user not per device.

A Litchi license is bound to a platform & platform account.
There are 3 platforms:
1-Google (play store)
2-Amazon (Android only)

In your case for the smart controller you need to purchase it again from amazon because it has no play store.
This amazon version will also work on your smartphone if you use the same amazon account on it.


Thank you. This is a disappointing but very helpful answer. Since I originally bought Litchi through Google Play for my Samsung phone , looks like I am going to have to bite the bullet and buy it again for my smart controller.

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That’s not quite correct , you can actually install the Play store on an Amazon device using a simple patch. I’ll see if I can find the link.

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Those smart controllers aren’t so smart​:wink::joy:

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Thanks in advance for the effort!

I dunno, I’m definitely starting to smart a little.

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