License expired

I use litchi on the dji remote controller. I got the message that the license is expired.

How can I solve this?

I would make sure that your DJI remote controller is connected to a network then go into Litchi and first make sure you are logged into your Litchi account then go into settings and select:

Check and Sync License: Tap to synchronize your Litchi app’s paid license with your Litchi account. This will unlock additional features in Mission Hub.

Thank you for your quick answer. The problem is, I cannot get into the Litchi app. The message about the expired license prevents that

Delete the App and re-install it.

Your remote is probably not connected to the internet.

It has been a long time ago, so let us continue.
The remote is now connected to the internet. I am logged into my Litchi account. I have deleted the litchiapp.
How can I reinstall the app? (The download from is gone, on the rc: downloads: no items)

Open the Amazon App Store app on your device (RC) and go to ‘My Apps’.

I see 3 apps in amazon “my apps” dorpbox, dronewatcher, hover. I don’t see Litchi, sorry.(fyi: I bought the app, May 31, 2022 ORDER # D01-7544531-3581031)

Looks like you used another amazon account when you bought litchi.

Go to:

Account > Sign out
Then sign in again with the correct amazon account.


Account > Contact us > Use & Manage Apps > Access Your Purchased Apps > E-mail.

Mention your order# and ask if amazon is willing to give you the account data for that purchase.

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Finally I have the Litchi app back and working, but I did have to pay again unfortunately