Less common things you can do with your drone, Litchi, Airdata, Mymaps.google.com

Just to give some inspiration for using your drone for less common tasks (emphasised texts are links);
1- Flying in a forrest or indoors using a propguard. This certainly reduces flight time and in DJI-FLY you’ll have to switch off the ‘payload mode warning’ cause it becomes annoying after a few times. The weight can be brought down to 8gr by cutting away non-essential bars.
2- Filming fish in a pond from very close up using floaters. This brings a lot of instability during flying so beware. Fun part is fish spotting cause just only floating, increases batterylife to one hour!
3- Measuring distances and contours in the fields using flightdata gathered by Litchi and uploaded (by token or manually) to Airdata. Then download the KML file from Airdata that can be imported to mymaps.google.com. Of course the accuracy is limited but the fun is max.


This is very cool, @Ernie32 I’m going to try the fish spotting this summer!

Also, in that photo, you have a different kind of battery in your Mini2?

Hi Miguel, so nice to read a responce on my topic! No, what you see is an Ulanzi DR-02 strobelight that is not switched on cause it gives a blinding bright flash, disturbing for these kind of recordings and certainly not attracting fish :slight_smile: See also the link to the video “fish spotting” above!
See my other topic if you like, about how to make your drone easier to find back with -among others- strobelight, gps tracker, (fluorecent) stickers. Follow this link to read more!