Last version Litchi Vue bug

Hi folks,

I just updated my software and was excited to see the Litchi Vue was not available, I just wish it worked. Sadly, it is not working for me. I have installed the Litchi Vue on one Android Tablet. (Galaxy Tab A SM-T510), updated my drone flying tablet (Tripltek T82) and both connect to my Android Phone via “Hot Spot” (Galaxy 9 SM-G960U). I have learned that the the tablet to be cast “to” needs to have the Vue on first before clicking on the share link. All of the devices were within 3 feet of each other.

Sometime the share works but most often it does not. It just means I need to keep retrying again and again to get it connected.

I did get a connection a couple of times and once connected I turned off everything to see if I could connect again. Reconnecting was a again numerous process. The last time it connected I made the mistake of hitting the goggles icon on the interface and now I cannot get out of the googles view and there is nothing to view! I also had no success with real streaming once connected. While I did have the matching image on the Vue screen, once the drone was in the air the Vue still showed the image from sitting on the ground.

Are there any suggestions you might have? I would love to see the feature work because it would be wonderful to share what I share with others in my 14 pilot group and folks that come by where we are flying who have an interest in what drone flying is all about.

Once this is working I would like to ask for another feature within the interface . . . I would like to be able to show the entire interface used while flying to show on the Vue screen. It is a great was to teach and to get people interested in not only drown flying, but a big step for Litchi.

Many thanks for you time and I do hope I am able to find this link in the future so that I can keep track of you suggestions.


My post on the Litchi Vue above was incomplete as I forgot to mention that my testing was on my 2 drones, a P4P V2 and Mini 2.

I do hope someone has suggestions.


To get out of the VR view, hit the VR settings button at the bottom and then Exit VR: Help - Litchi

It should not be necessary to start the Litchi Vue app on the second device before starting the stream on the main device, in fact the instructions say to start it after (in reality it does not really matter): Help - Litchi

I am not sure why you have connection issues, but for Litchi Vue to run smoothly you will need a good connection and maybe that’s the problem. You could try to adjust the streaming bitrate down, see ‘Litchi Vue Streaming Bitrate’ setting: Help - Litchi

Showing the entire interface of Litchi in Litchi Vue would be a lot of extra development work on the Litchi Vue app. It would then make more sense to have the main Litchi app be able to act as secondary screen however then the problem you run into is it may require 2 paid licenses of Litchi (for example if you have an iOS and android device).

I will go through a follow as directed and see what happens.

If it is not a good investment of time to add the full view of the interface to Vue, is there a “Cast” process that you might suggest?