Landing due to low battery

While attempting to run my new waypoint mission, as soon as I enable the running of the mission, I get a notice that the Phantom 3 is landing due to a low battery condition. I promptly cancel the landing, as the battery still is at 43% and the mission is only 6 minutes in length.
The drone continues to land even though I cancelled the procedure. This seems to be a bug in the software, as it will not accept the ‘cancellation’ of the landing.
How can I stop this from happening in the future?
Thank you

A low battery RTH should never be cancelled. It is initiated when the drone has determined that the battery only has enough power to return to the home point.

You said the battery had 43%. Was this after a flight flown moments before or was it after the battery had sat for several days? The percentage cannot be trusted if the battery had sat unused at 43% for several days.


Actually, the drone had only been sitting for a short time between flights and had been fully charged only a day before.

In that case, the battery should have been ok to fly. It would be interesting to see what AirData says about your battery. Loading the flight log to the PhantomHelp log viewer may also shed some light on the nature of the problem.

I doubt that there is a bug in the software that caused this. If there were, everyone would be experiencing this.