LAANC Clearance Issue

Hello to all here in the drone world. I’m kinda new to the litchi app and previously had dji go for my M2 pro but experiencing some issues and wish I can get some pointers from some vets out there in the field.

First issue I’m having is I noticed when I downloaded the Litchi app and all that all of a sudden my DJI app disappeared out of nowhere. I can’t even download the dji app anymore. It’s like Litchi took over of everything.

Second issue is how do I request LAANC through Litchi?. Is there a way to do that? I’ve used Airmap and I’ve requested LAANC many times before.

This seems strange, perhaps it only disappeared from your home-screen.
DJI apps are no longer available in the google play store, you can download them from the DJI website:

You can’t. You will need the DJI app to do so, then you can switch to Litchi.
Force Close DJI GO 4 before you switch to (start) Litchi.

LAANC authorization is requested through a LAANC providers app, which is different from your flying app. The most commonly used LAANC app is probably Aloft (soon to be rebranded as “Air Control”). Airmap used to be popular but they have recently had issues providing LAANC services. Aloft is more reliable.

I’m a bit curious as to why you are asking if Litchi can provide LAANC services. You wouldn’t be mixing that term with unlocking a DJI authorization zone, which is only provided by the DJI app?

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Copy that Wes thank you. I’m just not able to download dji anymore truthfully after I’ve installed Litchi. I’ll look into aloft now.