Keine Flugdaten mehr

Arbeite mit dem RC Pro und isntalliertem Litchi. Die letzen Flugdaten (sichtbar auf Airdata) sind vom 9. März 2023. Alle Flüge nach dem 9. März haben keine Daten mehr erzeugt. Versuche ich innerhalb Litchi auf dem RC Pro die Daten mit AIirdata zu synchronisieren, so wird gemeldt: Keine Daten vorhanden.

Hat Jemand eine Idee?

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Check if your RC pro still has storage space available to save/record flightlogs.
Check if the ‘Aircraft Setting’ ‘Log Flights’ is enabled.

Flightlogs are stored here:
(Amazon version):

  1. …flightlogs is empty
  2. Log Flights is enabled
  3. Token test for UAV Airdata is ok.

probably because there’s no more storage space available on your RC Pro.

Whre I can check that?


Like any android device:
‘Settings’ > ‘Storage’
‘Settings’ > ‘Device Care’ > ‘Storage’

Device memory 24.06 GB used from 32.00 GB total

Mobile Storage disk 9,89 GB used from 128 GB


In my opinion ‘Log Flights’ must have been disabled.
Make shure it’s enabled, do a testflight and look at the results.


Have now just the data from 15 March 2023 in my log files

seen. I.e. it took 5 days for the data to arrive on Airdata?

It seems that something is working but not so very fast? Does it need any trigger to send the data?

Token: [token removed by admin]

I am at the drone flights today and will inform you.

Other chapter

Litchi crashed 3x in a row, immediately after power up. Is there log files you need. I stop DJI Fly each time before starting Litchis. Is this correct so and necessary?



That’s not normal unless you had no internet connection until now.

Check Aircraft Setting ‘Airdate UAV Automatic Sync’
Tap Aircraft Setting ‘Sync with Airdata UAV Now’

You have to Force Close DJI Fly after stopping it before starting Litchi.

Do NOT install v4.25, it does NOT work on the RC Pro

REMOVE your token from your last post !

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How I can remove the token
From where I get the stable version?


He’s referring to your post on here. Edit your post and delete the Token

From where i get a stable version?

I loaded down Litchi form AMAZON’s store.(v4.26.2-a) The same crashes.
If you need some log files. Let my known


As far as I know the Amazon version 4.26.2-a is stable.

Like I wrote before:

You have to FORCE CLOSE DJI Fly after stopping it before starting Litchi.

There must be some method on the RC Pro to get an overview of all apps stopped but still running in the background.
On an android smartphone/tablet it’s the bottom-left button next to the home button (3 vertical lines).
Here you tap the ‘Close All’ button/icon (or a large ‘X’).

I tried again, now it’s grratly working.

Thank’s a lot

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Now, the same problem please see Litchi

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