It's about having the drone not start until the HomePoint has been updated.

Is it possible for Litchi to deny the starting of any flight before the Homepoint update is confirmed?

This is something that you must (not) do manually. You will need to wait until the status bar at the top turns green and the lady says “The home point has been recorded. Please check it on the map.” before flying.


In a similar vein, would it be possible to deny takeoff if the voltage was under a set amount? And let that amount be defined.

This maybe more a tether issue, but could be useful in other use cases as well.

if the batteries are under a certain voltage RTH kicks in as it is, and once down to about 5% the drone will automatically land, personally i make sure ALL MY BATTERIES ARE FULLY CHARGED BEFORE I GO OUT FLYING, and I wont bother launching with less than 15% battery

As I wrote, might be more of a tether thing. I’d like to prevent lift off if I have under a certain voltage, because if I do, I’ve messed up something!

I have made a case for Litchi setting the software to refuse take off until the home point was recorded. My drone lifted off and flew from zero to 51 mph, which was recorded by my AIR DATA software. The Mavic mini was not designed to fly more than 17 mph.DRONE CRASH
CARLYLE (Select drone crash to view incident)