Ìt´s possible to fly indoors with litchi pilot?

Need do indoor inspections. It´s possible to automate missions with litchi pilot?
Maybe use pads/tags for reference?

DJI drones are not made to fly indoors. There are too many ways to crash your drone indoors. RTH could send your drone up to the ceiling. You mentioned the word “missions”. If you are referring to waypoint missions, they require GPS positioning. Often, you will not have satellite access indoors.

In fact are many companys already doing that, with skydio and dji drones. I see they use tags and pads for referencing.

when indoors, you are in ATTI mode which means the only sensor that’s active is the downward vision sensor … so your drone will not hover (or fly) as expected, Its even worse when there is very little deviation in the floor.

I use my Skydio and the Enterprise Foundations package so I can fly closer to the edge as well as have SuperZoom (360 deg view with all 6 4k cameras). Its not using waypoint but actually obstacle avoidance.