Issues with waypoints - flight is interrupted for 2 seconds each waypoint


I got an issue with my set waypoints - if i start the flight the aircraft interrupts on every single
waypoint for about 2 seconds - there is no chance of a smooth flight - what can I do to solve the problem? Is this a common Issue? I fly with an DJI Mavic Mini 2
I would be happy if one of you can help me. :slight_smile:

Greetings Peter

There could be a couple of different things causing your issue.

  1. Path Mode : Choose between “Straight Lines” where the aircraft will go straight to each waypoint then turn, or “Curved Turns” where the aircraft will not stop at waypoints and instead take curved turns (how large the curved turns are depends on each waypoint’s curved size setting).
  2. Waypoint Actions :
    Actions are performed when the aircraft arrives at the waypoint. There are six different waypoint actions, three of which accept an additional parameter.
    You can add up to 15 different actions for each waypoint.
    Waypoint: actions are ignored when the mission “Path Mode” is “Curved Turns” as the aircraft will not stop at waypoints then.

Path Mode is changed in the Mission Settings.
Waypoint Actions can be set for each waypoint.

You can avoid many “problems” by reading the Online User Guide: