Issue rendering Mission in 3D on Google Earth Pro

Hi all!
New to the forum.
I am trying to learn Litchi (easy part) and exporting VLM’s to view and play in Google Earth Pro.
I must be overlooking a setting somewhere… My missions save, export and play in Google Earth, but for the life of me I cant seem to get 3D buildings to render… All I get is flat 2D.
In mission settings “Use Online Elevation” IS checked.
In waypoint settings “Use Online Elevation” IS checked.
In Google earth pro 3D Buildings IS checked.
The mission is saved prior to running in GE

Google earth renders 3D when just exploring. AND I get the same 2D results in Firefox OR Chrome on Linux OR Windows. (haven’t tried the iPad yet)
Any Ideas would be appreciated!

Apparently, not every location in the US or around the world enjoys 3D support by Google Earth. When diagnosing my posted issue, I decided to check other locations. Most coastal communities in my state ARE NOT SUPPORTED with 3D.
Most MAJOR cities are supported. Portland, for example is fully supported.
So I humbly close my request and suggest that others experiencing similar issues check alternate locations before taking a swipe at Litchi. This is an excellent app for many, many drones and we are lucky Litchi exists.