Is there a way to see heading in degrees in 'Toward Next Waypoint' mode in app?

If I use the Mission Hub, I can see the heading of the current waypoint in degrees by clicking on it and looking at the ‘Heading’ slider.

Is there a way to see it in the app when ‘Heading Mode’ is set to ‘Toward Next Waypoint’? If I click on the waypoint in the app, there is no indication of the heading between waypoints.

I want to be able to have the drone pointing ninety degrees from the heading it is flying between waypoints.

I’m using the Android version of the app.

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No, there is not. Both on iOS and Android.

I have a work-around.

I set my waypoints with the heading mode set to ‘Toward Next Waypoint’ and and when I’m finished I then set the heading mode to ‘Waypoint Defined’.

I can then check any flight headings I want the drone to be facing a ninety degree angle from and write the current angles down. Then I can add or subtract the ninety degrees from those current headings.

No, that doesn’t work. I think it only worked the first time because I was mucking around with one mission. It looks like the headings default to 360 degrees on a new, clean mission, or the last heading of an edited mission. :frowning: