Is there a programmable API available for Litchi?

Hello Litchi,

I’m currently developing a WebApp around managing Litchi Mission flights. So in the WebApp one can organize time slots for flights and assign teams to perform the missions and so on… Now my question is, how does my WebApp know which Litchi Missions are available? Of course I can enter this data manually or do something with export from the Litchi Mission Hub, but as the Litchi Missions constantly change, it would be nice to have a programmable interface to get all the Litchi Mission directly from within my WebApp. So is there some API available that I can use?

Second question is, is there a Way to start up Litchi App with a specific Mission from my WebApp running on the tablet (ipad) where the Litchi App is installed?

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For API details please contact

There is not currently a way to open the Litchi app with a mission

Hello vico,

I already sent two emails to but did not get any answer. Is there another way to get in touch with you?

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Dave Marbacher

Your emails have not reached our inbox (, please try from a different email like gmail etc