Is there a default time for the "Stay for" instruction?

I´m flying a litchi photo mission on a grid pattern, with a Mavic 2 Pro. I am not including any “Stay for” instruction, but the drone is stopping at each WP for about a sec to take the photo. Is there a default setting for this? Can I overwrite it? Thanks

Your drone will pause at each waypoint for that brief period.
If you are trying to fly a smooth grid patten with no ‘stops’ to capture images, you will need to do this:

  1. Set the Path Mode to ‘Curved Turns’ which will cause any waypoint actions to be ignored (except for the First and Last waypoints)
  2. Set your Photo Capture Interval (in Mission Settings) to capture images at a designated time or distance.

The time it takes to come a complete stop depends on the speed of the drone, windspeed and wind direction.
The time it takes for the drone to move again depends on the windspeed and wind direction.
This time has NOTHING to do with the waypoint action “Take Photo”, meaning this action does NOT have any influence at all on the stopping time and therefore does NOT have a default value nor can it be overridden.

Thank you Sam G, very useful. Saludos

Thank you TriBar, very useful. Saludos.

Sam, that mini tutorial you sent me is great. I´m sure that will work and I will save lot´s of time by avoiding the stops at wp. I guess that the choice of distance between photos to ensure the front overlap you want you can just measure it from the distance between the erased wp? Or do you use some kind of table to calculate the distance as a function of camera parameters, desired overlap and altitude? In your experience, what is the minimum shuter speed to ensure you get decent pictures with the drone in motion?
I use Metashape Agisoft. I got an educational licence years ago. I haven´t use any other soft to compare, so I don´t know how good it is. I should try ODM, could it be better? I study river coasts invaded by willows, a dense forest. I´m starting to explore Cloud compare, but I am not having good results at reconstructing the ground topography, under the trees. Perhaps ODM could do a better job?
Thanks again!!!