¿Is the Litchi application for iOS compatible with the AIR 2S?

¿Is the Litchi application for iOS compatible with the AIR 2S?

Yes. That is what I fly.

Litchi is compatible with: Mini 2, Mini SE, Air 2S, Mavic Mini 1, Mavic Air 2, Mavic 2 (Zoom/Pro), Mavic (Air/Pro), Phantom 4 (Standard/Advanced/Pro/ProV2), Phantom 3 (Standard/4K/Advanced/Professional), Inspire 1 (X3/Z3/Pro/RAW), Inspire 2 and Spark.

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Sorry for the stupid questions, but I am new to Litchi, but intrigued by its waypoint functionality. So, I have an Air 2S. a regular DJI RC and an iPad mini.
1.) If I want to start using this.Litchi program to fly my aircraft, do I just download the “Litchi for DJI Drones” ($24.99) app to my iPad mini?
2.) Then, I would assume there is some simple procedure to interface the app with the RC?
3.) For everyday flying, do you recommend this over the DJI Fly app?
4.) I noticed in some of these forum discussions that people occasionally had problems with the app. Is it reliable?
5.) Besides waypoints, does it provide any more benefit over the DJI Fly app?
6.) Finally, if I want to run a waypoints flight, do I just bring up the Litchi program on my iPad mini and set the waypoints there? Seems to simple to be true.

I know these are a lot of questions, but if it does what I think it does, I am excited about it, and want to learn more. Thank you.


Welcome @Doug ,

Simple answers and people here will help you as you learn.
1.) Yes, download it from the Apple Apps store
2.) Since you already have your iPad mini connected to your controller (for the Fly app), just shutdown the Fly app and open Litchi.
3.) Litchi is not a replacement app for Fly. You will still need to fun Fly for updates, etc.
4.) Most of the problems that people have are related to settings or (in the case of some drones like the Air 2S) loss of the control signal. It is a reliable app.
5.) In my opinion, Litchi is more user friendly than Fly. Waypoint (big plus), Orbit, Focus and other types of missions can be set up, changed and repeated easier.
6.) The Mission Hub is the desktop (or laptop) is the way by which Waypoint missions can be setup from home. As long as you use the same login for the app and the Mission Hub, your Waypoint missions will sync to your iPad mini to be run in the field.

If you havent looked at the Litchi Help site, here it is:

And the Mission Hub is here:

Happy Flying


This is awesome. Thank you so much!!

I mentioned in another thread, haven’t had the itch for a new drone in years, have had phanTom 3 Pro forever. The new specs on the Mavic 3 and air 3 for battery life, have me ready to upgrade, but the new specs seem worthless without Litchi. I was ready to be patient, then I crashed my phantom 3 yesterday, on top of the fact that it’s been giving me all sorts of errors regarding batteries, remote, etc.

All that to say, I am now looking at the Air 2S. Is it the best of the latest upgrades for litchi? is the OcuSync 3.0 transmission adequate or are there issues with it? Only reason I asked, I had an aftermarket antenna on my old drone, really made a difference.

The Air 2S is a great drone.I have one but dont fly it at really long range (2000-3000 ft is about it). One thing to keep in mind about it, it doesnt have on-board waypoints. That may or may not be a factor in your decision process.
Here is a list of DJI drones and their compatibility (on-board waypoint, Litchi support, etc)
It might help you sort out all of the possibilities.

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Appreciate the help, I just noticed in another thread, that the Air 2S, like you refer to, doesn’t upload waypoints to the drone. So just to confirm, it will not keep flying the mission if disconnected from the remote? I have a C5 spinal cord injury (quadriplegic), I do very well so no complaints, but all my missions are preprogrammed on a desktop. My wife and 2 daughters already whine enough when I tell them to grab the drone and set it up. :slight_smile: They will drive me crazy, if I have to try and instruct one of them to lay out a waypoint flight or worse, fly manually. I’m in a suburb of Houston on the west side, mostly flying down the Brazos River and on a couple of cattle ranches, but it gets disconnected quite often, never had to worry really because I knew litchi would follow instructions as long as I didn’t exceed the battery.

Do you know if the new mavic 3 & air 3 are the same, in that they do not upload waypoint flight to the drone?

Anything out there right now, that’s upgraded and works with Litchi? Again, appreciate all the info.

That is correct. Drones that are classified as VSC (Virtual Stick Commands) must maintain a constant signal with the controller to fly missions. If they lose the signal, they will perform the behavior that is set by the operator (Hover, Return Home or Auto-Land)

You will see the 2 drones that you mentioned in the list. But, since DJI hasn’t released a SDK for them, software developers won’t be able to provide apps to control those drones. They do have onboard waypoints but only by using the DJI app (no desktop mission setup).

I just realized that I didnt include the list of drones that I mentioned in my previous post. My apologies.
Here is the list.


Sam, can’t thank you enough for the info and the list is very helpful. In your profile, it shows Mavic 2 Pro and air 2s, how is transmission on those verses the Phantom 4? I’m looking at mavic 2s on eBay, probably end up buying one of those for now. Crazy that the technology evolved so fast for a few years there, now seems to have plateaued for consumer drones.

Anybody think the war in Ukraine/Russia throttled software development for DJI? Or at least being the reason, for not being able to upload missions to the drone? I read somewhere a while back, how they were being used and adapted as weapons, but mostly useless now because it’s well known how to jam the signals.

Had a Phantom 4 Std. before my 2S, and the range is better. 4 antennas with the 2S vs. 2 in the Phantom 4. I live in a valley, with lots of hills and trees I usually have “line of sight”, but the signal is going thru some trees, so that’s more of a worse case comparison vs. the tests that feature a perfectly clear line of sight.

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