Is my Spark autonomous when doing waypoints?

In other words does the spark need to be connected to the controller. can i do waypoints that will take it behind a very large smoke stack ( far side of the moon)

Yes it is. It’s almost like a pro

If the distance to the last waypoint of the mission is less than 100m, then you may not use the remote control at all.

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Was wondering too. How do i break off a mission and take control like an emergency i had to fly back immediately to the home point/ start point AND I think i have an idea , how do i start the mission? do i fly to the start point and the way points take over? i think i saw a start button when i clicked on waypoints on my tablet within the litchi app or did i not?

If the developer had enabled virtual sticks for spark optionally in the settings. This would get rid of the waypoint range limitation when using only a smartphone.

You can interrupt a mission by actioning the normal/sport/tripod switch on your controller. In waypoint mode you load the mission first (icons on the left) then start the mission with the “play” style button. Your drone should take off and fly to the start position if it’s not already in the air. The Spark works well with Litchi, and as long as you keep in mind the short flight time, it can handle losing connection with the controller mid-mission, and will reconnect once back in range, I keep my Spark missions to under 7 minutes to be totally safe. It’s scary the first time that happens, but its pretty reliable. Spark does not use virtual sticks… wish I could say that about my Mavic Air 2


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I use missions of 10 minutes. And there is still ~ 5 minutes for takeoff and landing(approximately 180 meters). And such a smooth 10 minute video that gives spark, much better than 20 minutes of jerky footage from mini or air2.

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