Is Litchi AWOL today March 22nd 2023 and yesterday?i

Multiple times during the day yesterday I attempted to save new Litchi waypoint flights but could not do so. This has happened in the past, whereby after a couple of days offline, Litchi flights could again be saved without a hitch as though nothing happened.

I am curious though to find out whether Litchi’s occasional downtime is witnessed globally, or only in some parts of the world perhaps due to local weather interference with internet links. With the first tropical rain storms sweeping through the area now, I suppose it is possible that my internet link could degrade to the extent where Lichi file saves are not possible even though writing to forums like this one remains uninterrupted

So to address my curiosity about Litchi downtime, I’d like to hear from any other Litchi users around the world who have experienced difficulties saving Litchi files yesterday and today, March 21st and 22nd, 2023. It can be frustrating to create flight plans that are invariably time-consuming and complex, only to find out they won’t save.

I do realize that Litchi will normalize as it always does after a couple of days, but any reports of similar failures to save that can be shared here would help me better understand how widespread the problem can be, while also helping to rule out my antique desktop computer as a possible culprit.

I just tried saving a mission from both the app and the Mission Hub and it worked for me. The app did give me a warning that my session had expired and instructed me to log out and log in again (which I did), but I could successfully save a mission.

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My experience it’s just a matter of waiting a few seconds to a minute maximum then the mission will save.
Error-Cannot create missions this often

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This temporary inability to save missions appears to be limited to my computer, seeing as Wes Barris and Yordie have encountered no issues of this nature over the past 24 hours. I am used to seeing Litchi’s error banner that appears when one tries to save the same file too quickly in rapid succession, and that does occur now and then.

This disabling of waypoint file saves in the Litchi Mission Hub is more of an inconvenience than a major hindrance, but this particular instance of the anomaly is lasting longer than usual. I might have to bite the bullet and upgrade my desktop computer before long because it has seen better days.

It’s aliiive Igor, its aliiiive! All of a sudden the new Litchi waypoint mission I’d created multiple times since yesterday but failed to save has suddenly materialized in my saved missions listing in Litchi’as Mission Hub cloud, thereby offering further proof that the planets are in fact once again revolving around the sun in their preordained orbits with no further departures from controlled flight to report.

The weather here is picture postcard beautiful right now after two major tropical rainstorms in a row. Sent my Mavic2 Pro in an ascending spiral that topped out at 1,500 feet AGL from where I took this picture of my humble abode, which is the L-shaped one in the center of the picture. The rusty roof buildings along the lower edge of the shot are my catfish hatcheries where, clad in a white lab coat complete with pocket pen protector and elbow patches, I conduct mad experiments not suitable for description on the pages of a family website.

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I have the same problem when i save a mission.
The first time i recive the message
Error: Cannot create missions this often.

but after about 30 second, i lick the save button and i can save the mission

Thats a normal error message, when you try to save the same mission so quickly.

Like you said, wait about 30 seconds and it will save.

BTW, Welcome to the forum.